Cottbus 2009 - 17 11 2009

Cottbus, 10-15 November.The Eastern European Film Festival in Cottbus, 19thedition of which was held this year, has two competition programs of full-length and short-length films and seven traditional sections, including the "Focus” presenting to the viewers the cinema of any region or country each year. The Black Sea countries’ new cinema was brought into focus this year and along with Bulgarian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian and Romanian films the program consisted of five Georgian films, such as: The Svan by Soso Jachvliani, Folds and Cracks by Zaza Rusadze, Happiness by Nutsa Alexi Meskhishvili, Their Helicopter by Salome Jashi, and Unknown Soldiers by Shalva Shengeli. Moreover The Zone of Conflict by Vano Burduli participated in the full-length films contest and Rainbowmaker by Nana Djordjadze in the section of Specials.
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