Georgia at the Giffoni International Film Festival - 03 08 2018
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This year, it is the sixth time Georgia has been presented at the Giffoni International Film Festival.
The Giffoni International Film Festival is one of the most important and largest children’s film festival in the world. This year, with the support of the Georgian National Film Centre, following young Georgians will participate in the Giffoni International Film Festival:
  • Giorgi Solomanashvili (Tbilisi)
  • Ketevan Shavadze (Batumi)
  • Elene mindiashvili (Gori, village Ditsi)
  • Salome Berdzenishvili (Tbilisi)
This year's Film Festival was distinguished with the number of world premieres of films. The authors of the films had been invited to attend the Film Festival. The young people participating in the Film Festival, were able to meet and discuss interesting issues with the film directors after screenings of the films.
Sam Claflin, Jeremy Irwin, Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Andrea Bocelli, etc. were among the honorary guests of the Film Festival.

The Giffoni International Film Festival is the film festival the jury of which consists of children and young people. Every year approximately 3000 children and young people from 50 countries throughout the world are given the opportunity to watch films in different nominations, discuss these films and reveals the best films. This year, just like previous years, children from Georgian were active members of the jury at the Giffoni International Film Festival; they asked interesting questions to film directors and were actively engaged in all activities, which took place within the frames of the Film Festival.

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