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From May 3 to 8, the city of Tbilisi hosted the CinéDOC-Tbilisi International Documentary Film Festival for the sixth time this year.
Traditionally, the Georgian National Film Centre was one of the main partners of the Film Festival.

CinéDOC-Tbilisi is the first international documentary film festival in the South Caucasus, which aims at promoting documentary film industry in Georgia.

The slogan of this year’s edition of the Film Festival was "Zoom into Reality”. The audiences were given the opportunity to see more than 60 documentaries from more than 30 countries around the world, as well as to meet the filmmakers and to participate in the discussions held as part of the Film Festival.

Winners were revealed at the closing ceremony of the Film Festival:

Section: International Competition

Special Jury Mention: "Over the Limit" – co-produced between Poland, Germany and Finland (directed by Marta Prus)
Main Award (sponsored by Current Time TV, US$ 3000): "The Distant Barking of Dogs" – co-produced between Denmark, Sweden and Finland (directed by Simon Lereng Wilmont)

Focus Caucasus

Special Jury Mention: "Sunny Night" – co-produced between Georgia and Germany (directed by Soso Dumbadze and Lea Hartlaub)
Main Award (sponsored by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, GEL 3600): "Transparent World" – produced in Georgia (directed by Vakhtang Kuntsev-Gabshvili)


Special Jury Mention: "Still Tomorrow" – Produced in China (directed by Fan Jian)
Main Award (sponsored by the Open Society Georgia Foundation, US$ 1200): "A Woman Captured" – co-produced between Hungary and Germany (directed by Bernadett Tuza-Ritter)

Other award winners:

CinéDOC Young: „Bachir in Wonderland” – produced in the Netherlands (directed by Els Duran and Evelien Vehof)
Student Jury Award (GEL 1500): "Bobbi Jene” – co-produced between Denmark and Sweden (directed by Elvira Lind)
Georgian Film Critics Award (sponsored by the Georgian National Film Center, GEL 3000): "Rezo”" – produced in Russia (directed by Leo Gabriadze)

Civil Pitch Awards

Nana Bichinashvili, NGO Conflict Management and Peace Building Youth Center and Lali Kiknavelidze, filmmaker – project "Bullying in Schools” (sponsored by Current Time TV, US$ 1000)
Tatia Razmadze, Association for the Well-being of Society and Gvantsa Meparishvili, filmmaker, project – "House without Door” (sponsored by Current Time TV, US$ 1000)
Main Prize: Keti Machavariani and Tsisana Khundadze, NGO CRRC Georgia (the Caucasus Research Resource Centers) – project "Sunny” (sponsored by the Open Society Georgia Foundation, US$ 5000)
Project Development Prize: Tatia Mchedlishvili, Youth for Peace and Equality and Tiko Nadirashvili, Orni studio, project – "Auditorium 115” (sponsored by the Open Society Georgia Foundation, US$ 1350)
Regional Coordinators Pitching Award (Film screenings impact events in Georgia sponsored by the Visegrad Fund)
The project – "Chiatura – the city of mineworkers” (Davit Khiladze, Mariam Kapanadze, Levan Chanturia, Lika Gakharia, Natia Sokurashvili, Tamar Purtseladze) – EURO 1000
The project – "Racha – Open Air Cinema” (Tea Poladashvili, Natia Maisashvili, Eter Arsanidze, Tornike Poladashvili) – EURO 1000
Four additional projects awarded (GEL 700 per project)
Project – "Cinedoc in New Garden” (Nino Chertkoevi, Shotiko Kokauri, Luka Khabelashvili, Marita Lagidze, Magamed Tokhosashvili, Ana Barjadze)
Project – "The summer documentary film festival” (Gvantsa Narimanidze, Nika Davlianidze)
Project – "The unknown Soviet Union” (Neno Kavtaradze, Onise Khachikidze, Sopiko Tokmajishvili, Teimuraz Inasaridze, Tatia Tanashvili)
Project – "Relations without borders” (Tamta Shvelidze, Vasiko Jangibashvili, Davit Chikaidze, Ana Bakhtadze, Ana Chkhartishvili, Lasha Arjevanishvili)
Sakdoc Film Award for Best Project at Rough-Cut Stage (sponsored by the Georgian National Film Center, GEL 1000)
Shorena Tevzadze, project -"A fortress”.

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