London will host Fifth Edition of the International Film Festival of Georgian Films from May 1 to 8 - 25 04 2018
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From May 1st to 8th, London will host the Fifth Film Festival of Georgian Films planned to be held within the frames of a broader event dedicated to Georgia’s 100th Independence anniversary. Besides the screenings of Georgian films, exhibition of film posters, interesting discussions, Georgian cuisine and a musical program will be part of the event. The Film Festival "Life through Cinema” is being jointly organized by the British Georgian Society and the prestigious Regent Street Cinema with the support from the Georgian National Film Centre.

The programme of the Film Festival:

Tuesday, May 1 Terroirs Trafalgar Square
  • 18:30 Opening ceremony. Opening of the exhibition – "Georgian Filmography from the National Archives” with Georgian wine and dishes; the exhibition will last throughout the week;
Wednesday, May 2, Terroirs Trafalgar Square
  • 19:30 Evening with John Wurdeman and "Didgori Ensemble”, accompanied with Azarphesha Tbilisi and Polyphony’s chef;
Thursday, May 3, Regent Street Cinema
  • 18:45 "My Happy Family” 2017 /120 minutes/ Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Gross / discussion with Merab Ninidze;
Friday, May 4, Regent Street Cinema
  • 18.30 "Gogita’s New Life” 2016 /74 minutes/ discussion with Levan Koguashvili;
  • 20:30 "Blue Mountains” 1938 /97 minutes/; the film will be presented by the director of the film Eldar Shenegelaia;
Saturday, May 5, Regent Street Cinema
  • 14:00 "The Chair” 2017 /99 minutes/; discussion with Eldar Shenegelaia;
  • 16:00 "Independence Chronicles 1918-1921” /58 minutes/; Panel Discussion on the First Independent Republic of Georgia with Nino Dzinzava. Moderator – Teresa Cherfas;
  • 18:20 "My English Grandpa” 1987 /76 minutes/; a panel-discussion with Nana Jorjadze, Teresa Cherfas, Merab Ninidze and Eldar Shengelaia on Movie Making during Perestroika;
  • 20:30 "I Am Truly a Drop of Sun on Earth” 2017 /61 minutes/; discussion with Elene Naveriani;
Sunday, May 6, Regent Street Cinema
  1. 14:00 "House of Others" 2016 /103 minutes/; discussion with Rusudan Glurjidze;
  • 16:20 "Anasirma Gospel” /29 minutes/; discussion with Elene Naveriani, a panel-discussion on "How Liberal Tbilisi is”;
  • 18:00 "City of the Sun" 2017 /104 minutes/; discussion with Rati Oneli;
  • 20:15 "Our Blood is Wine" 2018 /78 minutes/; discussion with Emily Railsback, Jeremy Quinn, John Wurdeman and Luarsab Toginidze;
Monday, May 7, Regent Street Cinema
  • 18:30 "Dede" 2017 /97 minutes/; discussion with Mariam Khachvani;
  • 20:45 "The confession" 2017 /89 minutes/; discussion with Zaza Urushadze;
Tuesday, May 8, Regent Street Cinema
  • 18:00 "When the Earth Seems to Be Light" 2015 /76 minutes/; discussion with Davit Meskhi, Tamuna Karumidze and Salome Machaidze;
  • 19:35 "Scary Mother" 2017 /107 minutes/; discussion with Ana Urushadze. Closing ceremony;
The festival "Life through Cinema” was established in 2010 by Jason Osborne, Nino Anjaparidze and Keti Japaridze. According to the organizers of the event, it is not only a festival but an event serves the purpose of introduction of Georgia’s unique history and traditions to world society.

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