Rules of the Competition for the Financing of Georgian-Foreign Coproduction of Full Length Feature Films - 08 11 2016
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Rules of the Competition for the Financing of Georgian-Foreign Coproduction of Full Length Feature Films


The Aim of the Competition

On August 15, 2016 a competition is announced for the financing of coproduction of full length feature films. Participant producer (in case his project meets the regulations of the competition) automatically participates in the procedure of attaching a coproduction status, regulated by the European Convention on Cinematographic Production (see. consisting in the following:

1.Coproduction which involves at least two coproducers representing different sides of the Convention.

2.Coproduction which involves three or more coproducers representing different sides of the Convention, or one or more coproducers not representing the countries of the Convention, whose total contribution does not exceed 30% of the total cost of the production.

Inquired documentation for completions have to be provided through only application CMS (Cinematography management system) to see. Video Guide


Except online aplication in the national film center documentation should be submitted to the one hard copy of the bidding documents.


Any resident of Georgia or a legal entity registered in Georgia that has obtained at least 50% of finances necessary for the joint production and can confirm this fact by submitting agreements and/or other documents is eligible for participation.

The minimum contribution of each coproducer in case of bilateral coproduction should not be less than 20% of the costs and maximum contribution should not exceed 80%; in case of multilateral coproduction the minimal contribution should not be less than 10% of the total costs, whereas the maximum contribution should not exceed 70%.

In case of multilateral coproduction, the total contribution of the coproducers that are not established by Convention sides, should not exceed 30% of the production costs.

The contribution of each coproducer should involve technical and artistic participation. Taking into consideration the international obligations of the sides, the artistic, technical, acting and equipment contribution of the coproducers should be proportionate to their investment.

The actors and technical crew shoould be citizens of coproduction partner countries and postproduction should also be implemented in these countries.


The final version of the cinematographic product or one of the copies of the film should be made in Georgian language.

Attaching the coproduction status

When attaching the coproduction status, the authorized body of the country with minimal financial contribution should not declare its consent until such consent is made by the country that makes maximum financial contribution.


The competition fund comprises 500 000 (five hundred thousand) GEL.

Number of financed projects

Based on the recommendation of the committee, GNFC will finance at least one project. The committee is authorized not to spend the entire competition fund.


The duration of the film should not be less than 70 minutes.

Competition Stages

The competition is implemented in two stages.

During the first stage, members of the experts committee get acquainted with the participant projects and has interview with each participent, then experts evaluate them based on pre-defined scores.

The committee defines the minimal score for the project to pass on to the next stage.

Only the projects that obtain more than minimal score established by the committee will pass on to the next stage of the competition.

The projects that fail to pass to the next stage automatically fall out of the competition. The second stage implies project presentation to the members of the committee. The committee evaluates project presentation with a corresponding score.

The committee takes a final decision based on the total score and recommends the Film Center concerning the number of winner projects and the amount of subsidies.

Documents to be Submitted

1.Application form (worked out by GNFC*);

2.Copy of the ID of the applicant person or director of the applicant organization;

3.Statement of the Entrepreneur Register (updated);

4.Tax-payers certificate of the applicant.

5.Information on the activities of the legal entity;

6.Previous work of the director;

7.Previous work of the producer (if it exists);

8.Copies of the Ids, biographies/filmographies and requisites of the authors (director, script-writer, author of dialogues, composer);

9.Producer’s motivation (in the form worked out by GNFC*);

10.Director’s vision;

11.LOG LINE, telling in one sentence what the film is about;

12.Short synopsis (up to 1 page);

13.Treatment of the film.

14.Professionally formatted script

15.Budget (in the form worked out by GNFC*);

16.Financial plan (schedule of obtaining of financing*);

17.Production plan (production schedule), embracing pre-production, shooting, post-production dates and the likely date of the premiere;

18.The list of technical and artistic contributions of each participant side.

19.Agreements (originals or notarially certified copies), confirming that the applicant is a legal owner of all copyrights related to the film;

20.The producer should submit contracts of project financing and other related documents.

21.A coproduction contract signed by the coproducers (originals or notarially certified copies). The contract should cover the following:

Terms related to the distribution of revenues and territories among the coproducers;

Terms by which the sides agree on the place of safekeeping the negatives and/or digital copies and guarantee their free availability;

Terms of joint ownership of the film’s original and/or digital version by coproducers;

Terms guaranteeing the coproducers‘ rights concerning the double negative or any other doublicate of the film.

22.If a Georgian coproducer does not make maximum contribution, the applicant project should have acquired a coproduction status from the authorized body of the country that makes the maximum contribution.


Online aplication should be submitted not later than November 28, 2016.

Except online application one hard copy of inquired documents have to be provided in GNFC till 2 December, 2016 18:00.


The director and producer participating in the competition may submit only One Project.

Producers whose project does not meet the requirements of the competition cannot participate in the competition of Georgian-foreign coproduction.

In case of winning the competition a producer is obliged to submit to GNFC a documentation confirming the obtaining of financing for the entire budget not later than July 1, 2017 (originals or notarially certified copies). Otherwise the decision on the financial support to the project becomes invalid.

As an exception, in case the producer provides justified arguments, GNFC is authorized to prolong the deadline for the submission of documents. Such decision is taken by the director of GNFC.

Minimum 100% of the amount required from GNFC must be spent on the Geiorgian territory, namely, goods and services should be obtained from Georgian citizens and organizations registered in Georgia.

GNFC does not consider projects that win GNFC competition for full length films.

In order to avoid misunderstanding, it is important to attend consultations. The consultations will be agreed in advance and held at the GNFC office located at the address:

Address:: Tbilisi, Z. Gamsakhurdia embankment #4,

Telephone: 2999 200; 2999 102.


Nino Kukhalashvili (legal aspects)

Mob: 00 995577 95 52 50

Manana Meladze (production and financing)

Mob: 00 995577 40 75 39

Salome Danelia (production and financing)

Mob: 00 995599 85 07 81

Levan Lomjaria (Technical support)

Mob: 00 995 557 73 76 77

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