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Ongoing Research

Update of the Film Sector Mapping data: gathering and analyzing 2012 data.


Completed Research

Georgian Film Sector Mapping

This is the Final Report of the mapping study of the film sector in Georgia. The purpose of the research is to provide a robust evidence base to guide and support the industry, Georgian National Film Center (GNFC), and other key stakeholders. It is the most detailed and thorough report yet undertaken on the Georgian film sector. The research enhances the understanding of the economic potential of the film and wider creative industries in Georgia, as well as identifying the sector’s strengths and weaknesses and what this means for policy support going forward.

Research of product placement practice. 

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The policy of Georgian film industry: strategic analysis

In April 2009 Georgian National Film Center commissioned BOP Consulting to undertake a strategic analysis of the Georgian film industry in the international context. This analysis was based on the local research implemented by the ACT consulting company, as well as the results of the market research.

See Research results

Study of the situation in the film industry

In February 2009 BOP conducted research on the situation in the Georgian film industry. In accordance with the research aims and objectives, representatives of both film production and distribution fields were interviewed.

Study of Current Situation in Georgian Cinematography_QL Analytic Report_ACT (ENG)_bop