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Cinema at School

The project "Cinema at School" has been implemented at the initiative of the Georgian National Film Center since 2014. The Project involves showing Georgian and foreign classic as well as modern films at schools in the regions of Georgia on a weekly basis and holding discussions on issues related to the films screened at schools. The films to be shown at schools were selectedbycinema experts,education expertsand child psychologists. Pre- as well as post film screening discussions are facilitated by specially trained cinema experts.

The Pilot Project in 2014 involved 40 schools in different regions of Georgia. The project was a success resulting in a growing interest among both the students and the school administrations. In 2015, the number of schools participating in the project increased to 207 and in all4 518film screenings were attended by46 130students.

Besides film screenings the project involved different types of activities: meetings with famous film directors (Zaza Urushadze, George Ovashvili, Levan Tutberidze, Mariam Khachvani, Nana Janelidze, Levan Koghuashvili), the schoolchildren created 178 film posters and made 34 (2-12-minute) films.

A new project "Summer Film School" was developed for schools having transport problems, communication and other types of problems associated with their geographic location, which involves sending cinema experts to those rural areas and organizing two-week film screenings and follow-up discussions in summer.

In 2016, the Project enters into a new phase, which will involve 189 schools. The project "Cinema at School" meets all the EU standards issued in the form of recommendations for the EU member states to promote film literacy among school children, in order to ensure development of their ability to analyze the audiovisual production materials.

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