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State Support

On the initiative of the Georgian National Film Center and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed. According to the Memorandum state agencies will unite their efforts to support Georgian film industry.  

The State of Georgia undertakes the responsibility to support Georgian film industry in the process of film production. 
The support of state agencies will enable filmmakers to settle issues related to bureaucracy and gain easy access to the material and technical base of state institutions. Owing to the Memorandum, the support will be provided not only to state-subsidized projects but to independent filmmakers as well. 
The Memorandum will also facilitate an environment favorable to foreign filmmakers. 

The following state agencies carry out the activities provided for in this Memorandum:

1. Tbilisi City Hall:
a) Healthcare and Social Services, Tbilisi Emergency Service
b) Transport Service 
c) Municipal Improvements Service

2. The Ministry of Defense of Georgia

3. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia
a) Road Traffic Management Agency
b) Patrol Police Department

4. Georgian Railway

5. Department of Corrections

6. Emergency Medical Service Center

7. Agency of Protected Areas of Georgia

8. United Airports of Georgia

9. Department of Relations with Neighbouring Countries and Regions (overseeing the process of filming in the regions and the support of regional self-governments)

10. Emergency Management Agency

11. Roads Department of Georgia

12. Security Department of Georgia

The Georgian National Film Center has its representative in charge of solving issues as soon as possible, in each of the above mentioned agencies. 
The Georgian National Film Center continues negotiations with other public and private organizations. 
A project producer interested in services to be provided by public or private agencies will have to write to a contact person authorized by the Georgian National Film Center. 
The producer has to submit a list of organizations, the support of which is essential in the process of film production, as well as a list of services requested together with the schedules for provision of the services.  
The representative of the Georgian National Film Center will assist the producer to contact the organization requested and will further coordinate their cooperation. 
Besides, the representative will monitor the efficiency of the cooperation between the film project and the organization in the process of preparatory works and filming. 

Interested persons can obtain additional information at the office of the Georgian National Film Centre (address: #4, Z. Gamsakhurdia Sanapiro), which is open for consultations every weekday from 10:00 am till 6.00 pm.

Contact person:
Manana Suradze 
Project Financing Manager 
Tel:   +932 2999200 (113)
Mob: +995577 553702
        +995599 553702