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About us


The Georgian National Film Center is a legal entity of public law under the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia. It was established on the basis of the Georgian law on "State Support to National Cinema”, adopted on December 5, 2000.

GNFC started functioning in April 2001. Since its establishment GNFC has provided millions (GEL) of financial investment in about 80 films. The Georgian National Film Center represented the country at international film festivals and markets. GNFC  has issued numerous important publications about cinema. It has participated in the financing of projects aimed at the promoting cinema in Georgia.

GNFC continues to work towards developing national cinema. It is the main source of support for the film sector in Georgia.


The goal of Georgian National Film Center is to secure and coordinate state support for the development of Georgian cinema.
The Georgian National Film Center sets state policy in the field of cinema.
The Georgian National Film Center strives to support the development of Georgian cinema at the levels of

    project development,
    distribution and promotion.

We support the development of Georgia's versatile cinema culture and strive to preserve its longstanding traditions. We aim to create a competitive market in the current reality. In this digital era, we hope to retain our national cinema traditions and, at the same time, lay the groundwork for the development of contemporary Georgian cinema.

One of the priorities of the Georgian National Film Center is to turn cinema into a product that will facilitate economic development of the country as well as its cultural and educational values. The Georgian National Film Center will actively support the development of the film business in Georgia.

The main objectives of the Georgian National Film Center are:

    • Financial support for Georgian film production;
    • Setting a strategic course for the film sector;
    • Supporting education in the field of cinema;
    • Supporting the development of the cinema network;
    • Developing international business relations;
    • Supporting projects aimed at the preservation of cinema heritage;
    • Supporting the organization of film festivals and other related events;
    • Developing film export at the local and international levels;
    • Supporting the development of film infrastructure



Georgian National Film Center implements its activities by means of four inter-structural directions:

    1. The direction of state financing;
    2. The direction of distribution and film export;
    3. The direction of strategic planning and research;
    4. The administrative direction.