Two Days before the Premiere Screening of “Dede”, the Film Crew will meet Media Representatives - 19 02 2018
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The film "Dede” directed by Mariam Khachvani will be screened in cinema halls in Georgia from February 22. Until then the film crew will meet media representatives.

The press conference is planned to be conducted in the cinema hall "Amirani” on February 20, at 12:30, and the film director together with the film crew will attend the press conference.

It should be noted, that several hours before the press conference – at 11:00 – the screening of the film "Dede” will be organized specially for journalists and the journalists will be given the opportunity to assess the film two days before its premiere screening.
The world premiere screening of the film "Dede” was held at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the film was awarded the jury prize at the same Film Festival. Later the film was awarded the UNESCO Cultural Diversity Award at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards ceremony held in the City of Brisbane in Australia and was screened in the UNESCO Headquarters in France.

"Dede” - the film which has collected a number of international prizes and awards was produced with the support of the Georgian National Film Centre. The film tells the story of a Svan woman who has been engaged against her will and who is trying to cancel and disrupt the arranged marriage. The shooting of the film took place in Svaneti, Kazbegi and Kaspi. The film stars Natia Vibliani, Giorgi Babluani, Nukri Khatchvani and Girshel Chelidze.

"Dede” is a coproduction between four countries: Georgia, Ireland, Qatar and Holland. It should be mentioned that dialogues in the film are mostly in Svanetian language, and all the actors who participate in the film are from Svaneti.

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