I am Beso
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92 min. DCP 2K

Screenplay & Director: Lasha Tskvitinidze
DOP: Shalva Soqurashvili
Producer: Nodar Nozadze
Cast: Tsotne Barbakadze, Soso Tarqashvili, Zaza Salia, Nanuli Khvedelidze, Leri Bekauri, Sergo Galstyan, Viktor Barbakadze
Production: Pansionat Film


Beso is a boy of 14 who lives in an abandoned village. Beso’s family has numerous problems: his father is an old man, disabled as a result of the tragedy in Chernobyl. All day long he watches TV and swears at his family. Beso’s mother is the bread-winner in the family. Every morning she goes to town for her small retail business. Beso’s brother Leri is a homosexual who gives private dancing lessons at home. Beso and his friend Beka are often insulted by their classmates. Despite these problems, Beso and Beka have a good time, inhaling gasoline, flirting with girls and playing childish games. Beso composes and records rap music. His dream is to become rich and famous and to help his family.

მე ვარ ბესო (I am Beso) - Trailer

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