Oqros Pepela - Children's Film Festival - 14 05 2012
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Several years ago a very interesting and important film forum "Oqros Pepela” was founded in Tbilisi. It is for children under 18. The purpose of the project is to discover talented children and their creature and introduce them to the world. Since 2011 I have constantly attended the festival and the atmosphere that is made for children makes me excited. The festival’s most special dignity is its educational side. Here children are able to meet famous and prominent filmmakers and are introduced to modern cinema-technologies. They participate in films and sketches, study skills of synthetically working. The administration’s approach is significant towards the competitive programs, where the short films are not required to have a high level format. Here the competent jury pays attentions to the child’s idea, methods, and forms of decision. The festival has become international scale for two years. The participants were teenagers from twenty countries of the world. "Oqros Pepela” also gives opportunity to our talented people who live abroad to arrive and take part in the forum.



I think 2014 will be special year for "Oqros Pepela” in its history. This Year The Festivals guests will be "The European Children’s Film Association’s” heads and they will take part in workshops and master classes, which will even make it more ambitious and popular festival. All of the above is the foundation of success of "Oqros Pepela”. I wish you great success. "



Yours faithfully, Film director - Rezo Chkheidze



On 30, 31 May and June 1,2014 "European School" will host for the fourth time the Children's International Film Festival "Golden Butterfly"



The festival was founded in Tbilisi, Georgia on 1st June 2011. The founder is European School TV – studio.

The Grand Prix was awarded to:

2011 y. Short films "Guests from the Holland”- Tamar Arveladze "ESTV” 

2012 y. Short films "Equal to the heart" direqted by - Tekla Tevdorashvili "ESTV” 

2013 y. Animated film - „Love hurts” direqted by - Petre Tomadze company "studio+A” 



The competition programme of the festival includes: short (7 minute) feature, animated and documentary film programme.

The films must be submitted with English subtitles.

The participants do not exceed 18 years of age.


Selection of competitive films for the festival will begin on March 15, 2014. Deadline for applications is May 15, 2014.


Competitive programme will be evaluated by the professional jury, which determines the composition of the Board of Directors of the Festival, in agreement with the Georgian National Film Center.

The winners of the festival will be the named in the following nominations: Best Documentary Film, Best Animated Film, Best Director, Cinematography, Screenplay, Editing, actress daughter, the actor guy, cameo role, the music and the "Grand Prize" - "The Golden Butterfly" – for the best film 2014.

The festival is supported by the European Children's Film Association 

Georgia - International Children's Film Festival "Oqros Pepela"

Irakli Jaoshvili
34 g. Al. Kazbegi ave 'European School', 01
77 Tbilissi, Georgia

of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, Georgian National Film Center, City Hall and the television ‘Pirveli Arkhi” (Channel 1 )

Please present your competitive film at the following address:


Tbilisi. 34A Kazbegi Ave. "European School" Children's International Film Festival "Golden Butterfly"

Tel. 599 900862 or 597 999822 or upload and send the link via email


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